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Big Feet, Small Feet

Look at the picture... we are all different aren't we? Some have big feet, others small or very small, but we all have feet! 
Same of us might be at a stage where we are just walking the early steeps of life, or the early steps of marriage or  the early steeps of a career and at times it might seem that the walk is going to be a very, very long one, for some of us the journey now is in an advance phase, but for all of us one thing is certain, the journey can be going in same direction to reach the same destination.
When I look at my granddaughter I am reminded that we are all children of Heavenly Father. That knowledge and conviction gives me strength. 
The Plan of Happiness is for all of us, learning more about that plan it will give you and me a greater sense of purpose and  a stronger desire to live this precious life more abundantly.
"Regardless of what you do or don’t have in this life, your deepest, most lasting happiness will come from knowing God’s plan and following…