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Roads of life, where will they lead us?

Which direction will you face when you encounter life's cross roads? is it fame? money? personal gratification?, none of these are bad things, but they will be different to you and others that live with you when we look at roads that include... charity! selfishness! service! productiveness! compassion, patience!
I know, it is not always the case that we get on a road where you can find all these things all at once, that would even seem real, there will always be struggles and challenges, that are part of life, which will cause us to stop and think where should we go? what is more important?
Sometimes we see people taking roads that lead to emptiness, passiveness, idleness, apathy and even negligence, all of these roads do not bring true happiness, we might be deceived at first with the idea of a road with a shorter distance, a easier road to ride, or even a prettier road, only to find out in the end disappointment that we could not see in the beginning of the journey.
When you fi…