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Courage to live a better life!

Just prior to my departure to serve a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints I wrote in 1979 a personal statement that would be the basis for the direction I took in life during these last 35 years. I did it with the hope it would guide me in critical decisions. As a convert to the Church, I acquired a profound desire to be a better person in this world, a more committed Christian and to walk the path of mortality with purpose, this was the motivation to write these lines that would provide me inspiration, reference and courage to live a better life!
When I met Filomena, my sweetheart, I felt impressed to share it with her prior to our marriage, these simple words took us to very meaningful conversations and discussions about what both of us would want for our future family and what values and principles would guide and help us raise our children, with her input we updated this statement to become "ours" to guide us in our personal and family g…

What about 4 feet on the ground?

If you go to a dictionary you would read that a person who is considered to be self-assured confident on her or his decisions and assertive generally about life might also be described as having both feet on the ground.
What about 4 feet on the ground?
I want to look at this question thinking of two that love each other, determined, dependable and committed to make their marriage work in love, respect, faith and unity.
As I look at this picture I remember both of you with your feet on the ground of the Temple, a great memory to have in years to come.
Congratulations Brandon and Ana!