Thursday, January 3, 2013

What an unexpected gift!

Now that we are in the first days of 2013 reflecting upon what happened this last year and counting our blessings I found myself pondering about an unexpected gift of no monetary value but of high moral substance. 

During the Christmas season we went to several stores to look for a few gifts for our family and friends, during one of those shopping trips we took a number of Christmas cards we received in the mail to read while we drove to downtown, after we read them all, we place them in one small plastic bag which while trying some cloths in one large department store we left behind in a fitting room. It was only by the end of the day we notice the absence of our little plastic bag and assumed to be a total loss.

I as returned to the office on January 2, 2013 I learned that a woman passed by to deliver the few cards in the little plastic bag we left behind, what an unexpected gift of kindness and thoughtfulness from someone we don't know or will ever know, to you we express thanks and wish you a Happy New Year!

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