Monday, January 28, 2013

Is it an attitude or financial skill?

Is saving an attitude or a financial skill? 

Most likely you need both, but my comments today will focus on how attitude can influence our capacity to generate savings.

By definition saving is income not spend or deferred consumption or goods or services.

It is the ongoing practice of this simple definition in day to day activities that will allow us to put aside financial resources for a time of need. 

There is a difference between saving and investing, when we save we use low-risk methods of preservation of our financial income, such as a savings account as opposed to investing where the methods employed have always a higher risk involved.

Saving is often not accomplished by just being disciplined to make a bank transfer from your checking account to your savings account but more so as an attitude towards needs and wants of life.

Link: A good video to watch, not about savings but attitude!

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