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Is it an attitude or financial skill?

Is saving an attitude or a financial skill? 
Most likely you need both, but my comments today will focus on how attitude can influence our capacity to generate savings.
By definition saving is income not spend or deferred consumption or goods or services.
It is the ongoing practice of this simple definition in day to day activities that will allow us to put aside financial resources for a time of need. 
There is a difference between saving and investing, when we save we use low-risk methods of preservation of our financial income, such as a savings account as opposed to investing where the methods employed have always a higher risk involved.
Saving is often not accomplished by just being disciplined to make a bank transfer from your checking account to your savings account but more so as an attitude towards needs and wants of life.

Link: A good video to watch, not about savings but attitude!


I would like to talk about consistency because in life abundance of it or deficit of it makes such difference in my perspective.
When to have it or not to have it? 
Some of the great products I used over the years and continue to love today is because of the constant reliability and quality they offer, another reason for my attachment to them is because the updates and improvements came gradually, consistently in the transition of the old to the new allowing me to assimilate and learn new features and new technology. It was been that consistency that allowed me to trust those products and the people that develop them and manufacture them, that consistency make their reputation, at least to me.
Consistency allow us to improve because it builds a track record which we can use to measure our performance. Basically allow us to see more clearly if today we are doing better that yesterday because we can measure our experience of the present with the one of the past.
Consistency of it is no…

What an unexpected gift!

Now that we are in the first days of 2013 reflecting upon what happened this last year and counting our blessings I found myself pondering about an unexpected gift of no monetary value but of high moral substance. 
During the Christmas season we went to several stores to look for a few gifts for our family and friends, during one of those shopping trips we took a number of Christmas cards we received in the mail to read while we drove to downtown, after we read them all, we place them in one small plastic bag which while trying some cloths in one large department store we left behind in a fitting room. It was only by the end of the day we notice the absence of our little plastic bag and assumed to be a total loss.
I as returned to the office on January 2, 2013 I learned that a woman passed by to deliver the few cards in the little plastic bag we left behind, what an unexpected gift of kindness and thoughtfulness from someone we don't know or will ever know, to you we express than…