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What about my own Christmas?

You can see Christmas emerging everywhere, lights are now being set up in the downtown of many cities, the smell of traditional roasted nuts are on the streets, cards are on display in the stores inviting us write family and friends, traditional Christmas markets will open in a few days hoping to gather communities together and of course Christmas decorations are all over full of symbols of the Christmas spirit. People seem to be embracing once again this special season of the year, including me.
What about my own Christmas? What makes it special to me?
Having family around me is for sure one of the most important parts of my best Christmas memories, serving others and make others happy is another, I like the lights of Christmas specially the white ones and it is a must to remember the story of the birth of Jesus, building the nativity, reading the scriptures and rejoicing as Christmas carols are sung.

Let Christ have a central place in your life as you celebrate Christmas this year.

What do I want to remember in a birthday?

What do I want to remember in a birthday? 
I want to remember the moments of Joy, the laughs, the moments of learning, and above all the moments we spent together! 
The calendar helps us pause and reflect about family and friends during their birthday, and it should also remind us that the more time we spend together during the year the more will we remember next birthday and the more will we cheer!
Happy Birthday!
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