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Deconomy of words

People today can search for answers in the internet and in seconds proclaim they are already an expert on the topic at hand..
The constant online access enables instantaneous communication as never before and opens the door for so many opportunities to learn.
One hopes that the generation that has been blessed with so much possibility to see and learn good things does not get lost in the maze of the internet and online social communication, and will become richer in their human interaction, more elevated yet humble in their verbal and non-verbal forms of expression, instead of developing an equally quick and instantaneous response that yields to prejudice or stereotyping. 
At times the reality of day to day interactions leaves a taste of a deconomy of words that prevails against words that should extol and uplift. Just think for a moment... a deconomy of words equals to a deconomy of thoughts and eventually to a deconomy of action and character.
Isn't this something worth thinkin…