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Can we rename the stormy capes of our lives?

Looking forward and facing what's head of us  with hope is essential to make a productive contribution to life, yet challenges will always be there during the process. That is why learning what others have done when they faced challenges to move forward is a rewarding and uplifting experience, every time we come to Portugal we have abundant history around us to remind us of this principle.
The enormous compass rose made of fine marble stone that paves the floor on our way to the entrance of the Discoveries Monument is a good example of that principle. This impressive piece of art occupies a surface of 50 meters in diameter and at the center of it there is a world map that depicts the routes of the maritime discoveries of the Portuguese navigators in the XV and XVI centuries, what many do not know is that this popular tourist attraction was designed by a Portuguese architect but it was a gift from South Africa in 1960. 
To me this is an interesting detail, because it was exactly in …