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New in LDS.Org

Country websites of the LDS.Org are now also available in several countries in Europe and in others countries around the world.

These sites look and feel like the global LDS.Org site and the Global languages LDS.Org sites, but have additional information including  news and events pertaining that that country.

The links to newsroom (site for news media and the public) from these sites are to the country newsroom mention in more detail in the previous posting.
Here is an example of the these new LDS.Org websites you might want to explore, you will see featured articles about youth activities in Portugal:
News and Events sections of LDS.Org in Portugal


The Newsroom of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints (Mormons) is now available in several countries around the world, these websites are the official resource for News Media, Opinion Leaders and the Public in general. 
Editions of several European countries are now in operation, including the one for Portugal which is currently featuring an article of the scheduled television programs that will be broadcast in the national Portuguese television, channel RTP2 during 2012. If you want to enjoy news of the Church in several countries and languages, give it a try and follow on of the links bellow:


At home we have a vase full of Daffodils that mom picked in the fields today, a favorite thing she loves to do, pick flowers... I took the picture on the left when she was enjoying the moment! These beautiful yellow and white flowers are a sign of nature that a new season arrived.
Easter is a time to remember that a new start or a new season is also possible for us. Here are two links of some easy reading that will help us better understand the meaning of Easter and enjoy this special season of the year.

By the way, did you know that popular wisdom says that the meaning of Daffodils is rebirth and new beginnings, faith, honesty, truth and forgiveness?
Happy Easter
Links: Video: An Easter Declaration - Message: The meaning of Easter