Friday, January 6, 2012

Smooth white sand

When we walked in the Guincho beach together with our family on December 30, 2011, I removed my shoes to feel the sand, my feet as I hoped were enveloped in a smooth white sand but, unexpectedly the temperature of the sand was quite cold inspite of the sunny day, it was after all the month of December!

Had I spent my time consumed with the fact it was cold on my feet, I am certain the moment would be lost for me, and I would miss the great moments we were all living that day, including the extraordinary beauty of nature. 

I am grateful for family and for the opportunity of these small precious moments that make life so much more meaningful and enjoyable. I just hope that this next summer we might be able to bike together from Cascais to Guincho and enjoy again this beautiful place.

Link: More photos of this day
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