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Do you see?

Just before the end of the year we travel to a  viewpoint located in Almada where we could see the extraordinary landscape of the riverside of the Lisbon city.

When we got there after some driving through some narrow streets we reached the top of the hill that allowed us to see the magnificent and iconic bridge over the Tagus river and of course the hills of Lisbon that guard it's centuries of history. 

Hadn't we taken the time to get to the viewpoint and follow the invitation of my brother in law that kept trying to convince us to get there, we would not be able to see what we did, and of course we wouldn't have experienced and enjoyed that beautiful panoramic view of such unique place in Europe.

In our journey of mortality we must nourish the desire to see the big picture of life, the panoramic view of life, as we do so I am sure we will pronounce an exclamation to others; can you see? 

Only then we will realize how important mortality is, and how important are the decisions we make while we are here.


jtwright said…
We miss you and Sister Teixeira, thanks for posting regularly and keeping us up to date on your life.

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