Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sense of accomplishment

Our daughter Ana just got her first job. Last time I spoke with her, was after several hours of work, she was tired but happy. 

In day to day language we refer to work as the effort exercised to achieve or complete a certain task and I can see at least two important values of work which I would like to briefly consider here today.

Do you remember your first pay check?, your first salary? or the first income earned with your project?. Ohh...there is satisfaction in that reward, this is a lesson worth being reminded of; that there is value in earning through honest and hard work the rewards of our efforts, this is important because it means in practical terms, we can earn to provide for our needs and needs of our families. 

I am aware that many want to find a job and can not always find it in today's economic climate and for this reason I would like to touch basis on another value of work that goes well beyond the financial rewards of a paid job. If you are one without a job now, let me just say, continue to prepare yourself, continue to seek until you qualify and find one in the near future, stay confident as it will come, and remember you might not find a job at present but you can always find work, including the work of serving your fellow men. 

There is nothing more satisfying then the sense of something that is accomplished, something that is done... and even more so of something that is well done!, that sense of accomplishment is a great reward of work that many lose side of. When we have that sense of accomplishment we are more likely to value our time and do with it good things, including when the opportunity comes to play!

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