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Something worth reflecting once more

Decisions are a  big are part of life, we make so many in the course of our journey and so often, small ones and big ones! 

Because all of them have implications for us, learning to make decisions... I should saywise andinspired decisions is a something that is worth reflecting once more.
A decision enters in the wise category when we devote careful consideration to the alternatives available to us and it becomes inspired when we prayerfully take what we consider the best option and counsel with the Lord in prayer before we take a final route.

Here is a good link to a scripture that helps in this reflection:

Doctrine and Convenants 9:7-9

Are we walking in the right direction?

Do you stop sometimes to think; I am going the right direction? 
In a real sense that was the question we had when we were walking the streets of Brussels in Belgium. My wife and I and our daughter were looking for a certain location and after walking for a while we ask ourselves, are we walking in the right direction? a feeling came over us that we were off course, we began to look for points of reference, maps, street names and then our daughter pointed to a useful street sign and said... "there... that way!" oh... the sign made all the difference, we changed direction and in minutes found ourselves where we wanted to be.
In our spiritual journey we must also constantly look at points of reference and reliable sources that point us to the right direction, then with goals and genuine effort we can also walk that path in the right destination. 
Below are just a few of those reliable sources we treasure and use all the time as a family to make sure we are on the right course…

Canvas of life

When the box of the oil painting tubes opens and a new canvas is set in the small art studio of our home, we know that there is a moment of artistic inspiration on the way, with each painting mom completes, there is a story to tell, either a story of what is represented or the process of painting it, or both.
Our lives are a bit like this, they also tell a story to others, that's why our example is so important, the way we live matters, not only to us but to others also. The other day a couple that we know told us that they see our son in the university campus almost every day, then they added... I don't think he know us but we know him! Our example is not only for those we know, but for those we don't know. So each stroke of paint in our canvas of life defines the final picture!