Monday, May 2, 2011

A dollar here a dollar there!

I have spend all my life managing financial matters and I have seen during all these years of experience many organizations, individuals or families losing peace of mind and opportunities for a happier life because they lacked the skill to properly manage money and resources or they ignored and overlooked the importance of these simple things.

Today I would like to share these few and simple principles and practices that will bring peace of mind and prosperity to those that apply them.

Do not underestimate the power of these words; it is it's simplicity that carries it's value and wisdom.

The Principles
1. Pay tithing on time
2. Set a budget
3. Plan for the unexpected - Save 

The pratices
1. Do not wait until the next day or next week; right after you receive your income pay your tithing!
2. Make a list of your anticipated bills. Adjust your lifestyle to always be within your income!
3. Put aside in a savings account a small percentage of your income
4. Be generous to others around you

The Checklist
You don't have a savings account? get one! If you save every month a small percentage of your income in 25 years you can accumulate a substantial sum. Just think what it would happen if you do this for the rest of your life?

Doing a budget is a simple thing you don't even need an app in your phone to that. Just list your planned expenses and adjust your spending to be within your disposable income!  A budget is not just for older people with a full family to take care. If you have a bank account, even a student bank account or you have a debit card or receive an allowance, this message is for you!

Remember to record your actual expenses as they happen and check if they were in your original list of planned expenses. Always stay withing your means, a dollar here and a dollar there can make the difference!

You might think this is two simple, true it is that simple, but it works!

Next time I will write more about the top 5 things that waste money and how you taking control of them makes all the difference!
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