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A sense of purpose

One of the most rewarding experiences to me is to see the youth and young adults with a sense of purpose, determined to make a contribution to their own lives and the lives of others. In my experience I found that rarely this involves just the desire to achive fame and fortune, it involves rather an understanding that unselfish acts of love, compassion and service to others are in fact more important.
A sense of purpose includes the understanding of where we came from? why we are here? and where we will go after this life and it includes love for our families. It was good to see Miguel and Lisa with Ana doing hoseriding in Lisa's grandparents ranch in southern of Utah.

A dollar here a dollar there!

I have spend all my life managing financial matters and I have seen during all these years of experience many organizations, individuals or families losing peace of mind and opportunities for a happier life because they lacked the skill to properly manage money and resources or they ignored and overlooked the importance of these simple things.
Today I would like to share these few and simple principles and practices that will bring peace of mind and prosperity to those that apply them.

Do not underestimate the power of these words; it is it's simplicity that carries it's value and wisdom.

The Principles 1. Pay tithing on time 2. Set a budget 3. Plan for the unexpected - Save
The pratices 1. Do not wait until the next day or next week; right after you receive your income pay your tithing! 2. Make a list of your anticipated bills. Adjust your lifestyle to always be within your income! 3. Put aside in a savings account a small percentage of your income
4. Be generous to others ar…