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The Rhine and Moselle rivers

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley is one of the most magnificent and oldest cultural landscapes in Europe. The great richness and beauty of the central Rhine has been honoured by UNESCO and the 65 km long section between the old Roman town of Koblenz and the towns of Bingen and Rüdesheim were taken into the list of world heritage sites in the year 2002. The exceptional thing is the number of castles, mansions and fortresses: around 40 of these constructions between Koblenz and Bingen prove the strategic importance which the Rhine had in the early centuries.
The confluence of the Rhine and Moselle has played a significant role in forming the town’s name; it is derived from Latin phrase “Castellum apud Confluentes”, meaning “the castle next to the confluence”, that over the years has formed into today’s name Koblenz.
Due to the settlement of Order of Teutonic Knights in 1216 on a split of land - the point where the Rhine and Moselle flow together - got its historical name "Deutsches Eck…

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we gather around the Christmas tree and the Crèche to celebrate the birth of Jesus, there are special treats which have been in our home and the homes of our ancestors for hundreds of years and which will continue to be our companions this year as we celebrate Christmas in Germany with our 3 children, Lisa and Summer.
Sister Teixeira and I remember in our childhood the Creche being the central activity of the season. The preparation of the nativity scene was exciting... building a stable, setting all the many figures and elements and building the city of Bethlehem was a project that took several days.
Before Christmas Eve we would go out to see the many nativity schenes in display in the city. This year we took time to see also those that are in display in Germany, I particularly liked the one in Mainz next to the Dom.
As the years went by we added to our traditions others we become familiar with in other parts of the world, one we love is the German advent, where the …

Merry Christmas

One thing that impresses me during this season in Germany is the many Christmas markets around the country, usually they are assembled in the most emblematic squares of each town with traditional foods and aromas that are typical for the season; cinnamon, apples, etc. Christmas crafts are for sale almost everywhere in the market and of course many, many lights. In them there are also nativity scenes of large scale in display a feature that reminds me of my childhood when I went out with my parents to see them in display throughout the city. I am grateful Christmas and the role of Christ in it!

Merry Christmas!