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From the Neumarkt square to the Elbe river

In the late 90's I was in Dresden and the Frauenkirche was in the middle of its reconstruction, it was then amazing to see the location where all the stones of the ruins were carefully assembled and numbered. This incredible monument was an anti war symbol in the former Democratic Republic of Germany (DDR) and stayed in a state of ruins since the world war II until the reunification of Germany
Since October of 2005 that has been restored to its glory and stands as symbol of reconciliation to the world.
The Frauenkirche was erected between 1726 and 1743, following the designs of George Bähr. Its characteristic dome, called the "stone bell" owing to its shape, collapsed on February 15th, 1945 under the rain of bombs.
The Neumarkt quarter around the church is also a mark of history of this beautiful city. The photo was taken in the Neumarkt square.