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The past in the present

Ana said that the visit to Switzerland was incomparable, she was born in the region of Geneva and live there when a baby, but has not returned since then. Miguel went to school in the College du Leman in Versoix, Switzerland and has great memories of this place.
When we reconnect with the good that is in the past of our lives we remember that good things happen in the present of our lives! As a family we have wonderful memories of this part of the world, and are grateful that revisiting past memories gave us the opportunity to establish new memories.

Moving on to University

Ana is the last of our children to move on to University. We are happy that she reached this important milestone in her life and for her desire to continue to learn.
I have asked her, what she liked the most during the graduation ceremony, she said... "...receiving my diploma..."
Congratulations Ana!

Next milestone

Today prom dance took place and now the next milestone for Ana and all the seniors class of 2010 is June 5th at 15:00-17:45 at the Oberursel Stadthalle for the Graduation Ceremony. Ruth van Reken is the guest speaker. A reception with juice being served will follow the ceremony in the lobby of the Stadthalle.
Ana is now going to be part of the Frankfurt International School  Alumni together with her brother Miguel.