Sunday, May 16, 2010

Remains of the Roman Empire

Imperial Court
Around our home in Frankfurt there are many little towns and villages full of history. We like to explore medieval influences and in particularly discover remains of the roman empire's culture and influence. Wetzlar, although quite small, was a very important part of the Holy Roman Empire. The Reichskammergericht (Imperial Chamber Court) was built in town to deal with justice, and it was one of the highest court institutions of the time. It can still be found in this city. It has the symbol of a two headed black eagle on the front and is used as a restaurant today.

Inhabited for the past 5000 years, this town is just 30 minutes away from our home. We walked in narrow alleys, saw half timbered houses with exquisite designs, and admired stone structures including the old Lahn stone bridge across the river.
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