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Varsity Team

Ana is part of the varsity team of tennis of the Frankfurt International School. This week they played against the Paris International School at the tennis club of Oberursel.

She plays doubles and enjoys her time with the friends in her team. She is now in her last stretch before she enters in University this summer!

Funicular railway

The "Nerobergbahn" is a peculiar funicular railway system. The line opened in 1888, and is one of the few remaining funiculars to retain water propulsion. At the upper station, tanks on the downbound car are filled with up to 7,000 litres of water in order to ensure that it is heavier than the upbound car. The downbound car can then pull the upbound car uphill under the power of gravity and by means of a 452 m long steel cable. When the downbound carriage arrives at the lower station, the water is discharged and pumped back uphill.

In 1939, it was planned to convert the line to electric propulsion, but the outbreak of World War II prevented this. The line was taken out of service in 1944 due to war damage, but service was restarted in 1948. In 1988 the line was protected as a technical monument by the State of Hesse. On the top of the hill there are spectacular views of Wiesbaden.

General Conference

During our visit to attend the General Conference of Church we met and visited friends.

We are grateful for the many messages of inspiration and the focus on Jesus Christ life, teaching and ministry and the importance of family.

Links about General Conference:

Church News Coverage