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Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

A short walk through the center of Berlin gives you the sense of this great city and history. The Brandenburg Gate was commisioned by Friedrich Wilhelm II to represent peace in 1791, now the most well-know landmark in Berlin stands as a symbol of the reunification of Germany.

Here leaders of the world came and spoke and here once was a wall, but today a place where people from all over the world come appreciate the beauty of the design of this structure and the significance of the history it witnessed.

It was snowing this day!

The pride and joy of the city-scene

The Mainz’s Old Town, is the pride and joy of the city-scene. Broad, roomy squares, lovingly-restored half-timbered houses and magnificent Baroque churches give Old Town its charming. Hidden behind its Rococo façades and hidden in its bourgeois Baroque houses are elegant and modern buildings, boutiques, cafés, restaurants and of course always an Italian gelato. I took this photo right next to an mexican restaurant that we went for dinner.
We need to return to this city to see the Gutenberg-Museum and appreciate once again the the first printing press that gave to the world the first mechanic printed book and the first printed Bible.

A city full of surprises

Went for an hour walk around Bornheim a neighborhood in Frankfurt where the "Farmers Market" is in action every Saturday, nice atmosphere, fresh vegetables and fruits, olives marinated in garlic, flowers of the season, today tulips...

In the way back home as we walk we say this building with the entire facade painted, a city full of small surprises.