Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow in the Friedberger Watchtower

The Friedberger Watchtower was constructed in 1478 to replace an existing watchtower from 1350. It belongs to the last watchtowers of its kind ever to be reconstructed by the local army.

It was built in late Gothic style and stands proud on the highest point in Bornheim. Furthermore it has a rectangular military yard including a kitchen and a well-room. The Watchtower was only called upon once to fulfil its purpose: In 1546, during the Schmalcaldic War, the local people of Frankfurt defended themselves against Charles V´s Imperial Troops.

In 1634 during the 30 Years War, both the tower and military yard were burnt down and destroyed by surrounding Croatian forces. Three years later, in 1637,the Watchtower was rebuilt. After such time, it no longer had a military function.

In the beginning, it served as customs station and afterwards as a fire station. Today is a know restaurant! The structure survived the Second World War without any major damage and today is a known restaurant.
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