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A walk in the park

The state of Hesse is Germany's where we live is rich in forest with a significant woodland, beautiful natural scenery, landscapes, lakes, rivers and parks. Several famous routes lead right through Hesse, such as the German Medieval Route, the German Avenue Route, The German Limes Route and the Fairytale Route.

Right next to where we live we enjoy and have enjoyed for many years as a family walks in the various parks, specially in the Kurpark in Bad Homburg. The Kurpark is oft referred to as a work of art, as it was designed by Peter Joseph Lenne, royal gardener to the Prussian court, who was considered one of the finest garden artists of the 19th century. With 44 hectares of local and exotic plants, its splendour is perfect. It houses the Siamese Temple, an elegantly maintained shrine donated by Thai king Chulalonghorn in gratitude for his recuperation in the spa garden. Nearby is the Russian Chapel, a small, perfect little Russian orthodox church that sits upon a hill, whose foundation was laid by the last Czar and Czarina. It also boasts tennis courts, and the oldest golf course in Germany, along with the famous springs, seven in total whose waters are used in drinking cures and mineral baths.

The photo was taken during this month of November in our last walk there. Nice place!


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