Friday, October 23, 2009

10 years after...

My first visit to Cape Verde was in 1995 with several additional trips until 1999, I remember in my first trip traveling by helicopter to the Fogo Island, their was no airport in the major city of S. Filipe, no cell phones, hardly any use of credit cards.

We just returned from a visit to the 3 major islands of Cape Verde, 10 years after my first visit and what a difference... everyone carries a cell phone, the local cities provide in major plazas wireless access to the internet, there was free wireless connection at the Praia Airport, which is also a new international airport capable now of receiving international flights, in the past only the airport of Sal could provide that, a third international airport is under construction in another island, I flew to an airport in S. Filipe and checked in a totally renovated hotel... and the list goes on and on!

Yes, there are still many infrastructure needs but for me the improvements are visible, private higher education institutions are now in place and this country is making steady improvements!
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