Saturday, August 15, 2009

A place for a kebab!

It is in this small village that Miguel, our oldest son did his graduation ceremony from FIS (Frankfurt International School) and where Ana will graduate in 2010.

The "altstadt" (old town) is a charming middle ages town, built arround it´s original source of life; the Ursel creek. The roots of the name “ursella” that has been used to name both creek and town is reflected in the 2000 year old history of this settlement.

In the middle ages the development of the textile industry, especially clothiers, led Oberursel to cultural and economical prosperity. Thanks to the numerous mills located on the creek, the town successfully gained economic wealth during the industrialization.

Today the privileged location at the Taunus mountains, this little town is a place we go to for shopping, a kebab or a walk by the many meadows and fields.
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