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Brazilian Dinner and Brazilian Music

On October 1st we will have one more reunion of Brazil São Paulo South Mission, the meeting will take place in Salt Lake City.

Sister Teixeira and I are looking forward to be there, we understand that besides to good company of each other we are going to have in the program a Brazilian dinner and Brazilian music to listen and to dance!

There will be an opportunity to see many photos of the good times in Brazil and he hope to hear from those that have recently visited Brazil.

Call a bike

An idea from the DB (German Rail Company), you can rent a bike to go anywhere in the city. The process is simple - initial registration in the internet or with a phone call, get a code and key in that number on the input display underneath the cover to release the lock and you can then remove the bolt. You now ready to go!

The DB company will charge you debit or credit card for 0.08 cents a minute and a maximum of 9 Euros for 24hrs. To return the bike simply lock the bike to a traffic sign or cycle stand at the next major crossroads. After you have closed the lock and pressed the button, the display will show the words “Return bike” (Yes/No). Press “Yes” and you will receive a receipt code to complete the process. You see these bikes all over Frankfurt, what a great idea!

Preston, England

The city of Preston is the cradle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in British Isles. The city itself served as the headquarters for the Church from 1837-1840. Most of the first British members of the Church to emigrate to America in 1840 came from the area of Preston. Although the city has changed much in recent years, some important historical sites can still be identified with reasonable certainty. Today the Church has a Temple and a Missionary Training Center in this city.

A place for a kebab!

It is in this small village that Miguel, our oldest son did his graduation ceremony from FIS (Frankfurt International School) and where Ana will graduate in 2010.

The "altstadt" (old town) is a charming middle ages town, built arround it´s original source of life; the Ursel creek. The roots of the name “ursella” that has been used to name both creek and town is reflected in the 2000 year old history of this settlement.

In the middle ages the development of the textile industry, especially clothiers, led Oberursel to cultural and economical prosperity. Thanks to the numerous mills located on the creek, the town successfully gained economic wealth during the industrialization.

Today the privileged location at the Taunus mountains, this little town is a place we go to for shopping, a kebab or a walk by the many meadows and fields.

A city with old traditions but young at heart

The new shopping mall is located on the Zeil pedestrian precinct in the city center, one of the highest turnover shopping high streets in Germany.

Not only this shopping mall called "My Zeil" is one of the largest in Germany, it has also attracted attention because of its unique design. It boasts a transparent glass roof that is connected to its glass façade in the form of an upward spiral. Even while it was being built, it created a visual spectacle that many people stopped to admire on Frankfurt’s main shopping street of town. We saw it under construction last summer when we stoped by in July of 2008.

It is been ready and open since February of this year and it is an architecture master piece worth a visit, we add a bit of food from India for 3 euros in a small bistro in the 3rd floor... Nice!