Friday, July 31, 2009

Königstein im Taunus

Königstein im Taunus is near the city of Frankfurt am Main, set on the southern slopes of the Taunus hills. The beautiful location and pleasant climate have attracted many to this town, we as a family have walked the gardens and streets of this city since the late 80's.

We enjoy the walk to the castle and the historic town and of course a nice Italian gelato store in the main street.

The first known record of Königstein dates from 1215. Königstein castle, a royal foundation, stands on the major trade route Frankfurt—Cologne. During the French Revolutionary Wars the fortress was destroyed in 1796. In 1803 Königstein became part of the Duchy of Nassau, and in 1866 it came under Prussia.

After falling into obscurity and poverty as a result of the development of new trade routes and forms of transport, the small town was given new life in the 19th Century by the spa's build in the valley in 1851. Many spa visitors and summer vacationers were attracted, and in 1935 Königstein was officially recognized as a spa area with a particularly healthy climate... we agree!
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