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Going back to familiar lands

When we finished our mission in Brazil a year ago we were so delighted that we were coming to Utah because we knew we would have the opportunity to see many of the missionaries that served with us, we truly consider the opportunities we had to be with many of them among the best times of this last year!

We now return to Europe to continue our service. It is going back to familiar lands and the opportunity to be closer to our home land of Portugal.

We hope to return one day to Brazil to have a reunion with those Brazilians that served with us and to see as many as we can in our next Mission Reunion on October 1, 2009 at the University of Utah Institute Building.

Miguel will come with us to Europe during the month of July and João is loving his mission in New York City.

A new cycle

Peter (one of our missionaries in Brazil) and Kate Blair got married, it was wonderful to see how happy they were, we wish them and their family all the best.

In the photo Peter and Kate at the exit of the Salt Lake City Temple!

Blue sky renews the promise of summer!

After a full week of rain, which everyone tell us it unusual this much rain during this season of the year, a nice blue sky day renewed the promise of the approaching summer.

In the photo after a short walk in the wonderful temperature and weather of a summer evening the Sandy, Utah.

Ten years after

Allan and Mary Brinkerhoff served a mission in Portugal from 1997 to 2000, they presided the Lisbon South Mission, at that time we lived in Estoril, Portugal and shared many wonderful moments of service with the Brinkerhoff's.

Ten years after we met again for dinner in Salt Lake City to remember to good old days.

This photo is from 1998. From the left: José A. Teixeira, Filomena Teixeira, Allan Brinkerhoff, Mary Brinkerhoff, Patricia Holland, Jefferey R. Holland, Caroline Howard and F. Burton Howard.

Bern Switzerland - 1984

25 years ago Sister Teixeira and I travel to Switzerland to perform our temple marriage in the Bern Switzerland Temple, we have wonderful memories of that day which we celebrated now on June 5th.

We are grateful for temples in world and grateful for each other and our families.