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Wild Ducks

For a few days that wild ducks are landing in our garden, they usually stay for long periods of time, the pair that I have photographed arrived early in the morning and at 4pm they were still here. They are beautiful and we are enjoying the company!

Oquirrh Mountains

Today I visited the Oquirrh Mountain in Utah, the open house will begin in June and the dedication will be in August, it is a beautiful temple, the sky was blue and the panorama from the temple was magnificent, I could see the Draper Temple, the Jordan River Temple, the Timpanogos Temple and the Salt Lake City Temple, truly breathtaking.

The spring is upon us and the birds, the flowers are adorning the neighborhood, hundreds of tulips are coming out and the trees are blossoming, just perfect!

Stages of life

The last snow was just a week ago, it came and went with the same speed and right after the sunshine and the wonderful temperature of the season of spring (as you can see in the photo, it is the flowers of the tree in front of our garden).

Miguel is very busy with his final exams and Ana also in the final stages of eleven grade, but it is good to remember, that even when things are very busy in our lives, there is beauty around us!

Spring brings inspiration

Ana is working hard to complete all her art portfolio to finalize her IB Art class, she now working on an oil painting of three tulips, very nice!

Oil paint was first used in western Afghanistan sometime between the 5th and 9th Centuries, it did not gain popularity until the 15th century. Its practice likely migrated westward during the Middle Ages. Oil paint eventually became the principal medium used for creating artworks as its advantages became widely known.

The technique Ana likes the most is the use of palette knives and painting in layers, it is remarkable to see her creativity, I think she also enjoys very much this type of art!

Easter far way from home

This Easter far way from home both us João, Neia and their children enjoyed the concert at Temple Square with the sounds of bells.

These have been wonderfull days together here in Utah protected by the mountains of the west!

Family in Salt Lake City

João and Neia and their children are now here in Salt Lake City to attend the general conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. During their visit they plan to enjoy the mormon heritage in Utah, including the Temple Square visiting visitors centers and historic sites and museums and other historic sites in this part of the world.

Prior to their visit to Salt Lake they went to London, England to visit special places in that amazing European city.

General Conference in BYU TV

Brigham Young University (BYU) Television delivers programming to viewers across the globe through direct satellite broadcast services (for example, Dish and DirecTV), cable carriers in select areas and Internet streaming.
In 2007, BYU Television launched a new channel,BYU Television International, which features programming in the Spanish and Portuguese languages.

The intended audiences of BYU Television are alumni and friends of BYU, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and others who are interested in the beliefs and values of the Church and its educational institutions.

BYU TV is a divison of the College of Fine Arts and Communication of the University, we enjoy as family many of the BYU TV programs. BYU TV will deliver general conference live!