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4.6 km before dark

Entramos no Parque forestal de Campos de Jordão nas montanhas da Mantiqueira depois das 4 da tarde, o parque é sereno, gigante, com enormes árvores araucária, ar puro, areas para picnic, lagos, etc... mas a meta da família era de precorrer 5km a pé pela floresta para encontrar as quedas de água famosas da região e voltar antes de escurecer. Afinal as quedas de água não eram assim tão grandes pois esta não é a época das chuvas e há muito menos água do que no verão, e a caminhada não foi afinal tão exigente e voltamos a tempo! No final do dia fondue the carne e de queijo!
We entered the forest park of Campos de Jordão in the Mantiqueira mountains after 4pm, the park is serene and gigantic, huge araucaria trees, pure air, nice areas for picnic, lakes, etc... but the goal of the family was to visit the "cachoeiras" (watter falls) in a almost 5 km hike in the woods and be able to return back to our car before dark. After all the "cachoeiras" were not that big, this is not the rain season and their is much less watter than in the summer and they were not that far either! In the evening cheese and meat fondue.


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Spring in Winter

The other day I took the time to walk by a lake, it was a glorious day, the air was fresh and clean, the water was calm, the trees were serene, the light was bright and clear, it felt like a spring day to me, yet it was the winter season. 
I took my jacket for a while and enjoyed the scenery and the mild sunshine and as I was walking I thought to myself that in the course of life, at times we go through difficult moments, but even then, when we stay close to the principles we know to be true, and remain faithful to them, we will see in our lives spring days during our winter seasons!

As I reviewed the teachings of last General Conference I thought of the the following counsel as I reflected upon this matter:

"If we, like President Monson, exercise our faith and look to God for help, we will not be overwhelmed with the burdens of life" - Elder Carl B. Cook.

"It is essential that we are able to face - with courage - whatever challenges come our way"President Monson

Speed or Velocity?

Without going into to many details of physics, we could say that speed is how fast you car is moving while velocity is how fast you displace yourself from your original position; in other words speed is ignorant of direction while velocity is aware of direction.
When we think of velocity we must think of moving ourselves further from the position where we started, there is no velocity without tracking our direction.
I use this example because so very often we see things going at an incredible speed, being super busy, but not moving things really anywhere. Direction, a purpose, a goal, and patience are essential to arrive on time and at the right destination.

Eternal Marriage

We have been blessed to see Miguel and Lisa marry in the Salt Lake City Temple, this weekend, our lives as parents of Miguel are richer because Lisa now belongs to our family as well.
A dear friend of ours that attended the wedding made a remarkable talk about eternal marriage that was published in the Liahona magazine and his featured today in in the study topics session about marriage, out of that talk the phrase that comes to mind when I think of the wedding of Miguel and Lisa is:
"If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently. … It becomes special because you have made it so.
F. Burton Howard.

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